Saturday, November 28, 2009


I've got another product review for everyone! I'm sure you guys have read/watched a few reivews on Mario Badescu products. Here's another incase you haven't seen enough.

DRYING LOTION is perfect for those with moderate acne, or just those people with practically GODLY skin and only a few pesky zits every now and then. You don't shake it. Use a qtip to pick up the pink sediment at the bottom and apply it to your little problem. Obviously you would do this before you go to sleep unless you think pink dots are sexy. Let it dry overnight. When you wake up in the morning, as I have found, your pimple is either dried up or significantly reduced.

ALOE MOISTURIZER W/ SPF 15 I suppose this was ment for people who spent way too much time in the sun and ended up with painful sunburn. This has become my HG WINTER FACE MOISTURIZER! I have never experienced such dry freakin' skin ever in my life! This winter has been a bitch on my skin! Typically I have combo/oily skin.. lately that has not been the case. A little goes a long way with this baby, less than a pea size amount is more than enough for my face and neck. It absorbs slow which keeps my skin from completely drying out. Has a nice smell and gives my face a soft feel. LOOOOOVE THIS STUFF.. but I can only use this during the winter when the weather is cold otherwise its too moisturizing.

ALL IN ALL.. I would def buy these products again and recommend them to people with similar skin problems to mine. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great, be safe shopping this weekend!


Yes, I know.. CJ and I have been MIA. We have been mighty busy.. (lazy.)
So today, I don't have much but a product review. Check it out!

YU-BE MOISTURIZING BODY LOTION is sold at Sephora, I got mine at some asian super market. It retails on for a steep $29, I think I got mine for around $20. It's described as being a glycerin rich, fast absorbing lotion, perfect for winter skin. FAST ABSORBING is what I've been looking for lately. This winter it's been so cold in the lofty, all I care about when getting out of the shower is moisturizing and getting my damn clothes back on ASAP!

- Truly fast absorbing, feels like rubbing baby powder on yourself
- Sufficiently moisturizes
- Doesn't have an offensive or sickenly sweet smell
- Anything over $10 is a little much for lotion
- Might not moisturize enough for those with severe dry skin

: ..for $29 probably not. I have to say though, this lotion absorbs into my skin like NO OTHER. For that, maybe I'd buy again.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Smokey eye w/ Young Punk

As promised, I did a look with the STYLE BLACK collection. Sorry, it's a bit late :(

Anyway, on with the look.

Click pix to enlarge. Sorry if I look mad. I was tired. HAHA.

Products Used:
(All MAC unless otherwise stated.)

Studio Fix - NC 42
Sculpt and Shape Powder - Lightsweep Shadester
The Body Shop - Brush On Bronze
The Body Shop - Vitamin E Face Mist

Urban Decay eyeshadow Primer Potion (UDPP)
Shadestick - Overcast (on inner to mid lid)
Cream Colour Base - Bat Black (on mid to outer lid)
(make sure you blend them out so it doesn't crease)
Lovely Lily Pigment - Inner lid
Kryolan Sparkling Eye Dust - #42 (mid lid)
Young Punk e/s (outer lid)
Shroom e/s (highlight/brow bone)
INcolor FabuLiner -01 Black
Zoom Lash - ZoomBlack

Lipglass - Young Thing (From the make up art cosmetics collection)

Hope ya like the look.


<3 Cjay

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Style Black

Today, Jess & I went to MAC BURLINGAME so I can pick up some of the products from the Style Black collection. I'm excited for this collection. I will have soo much fun doing dramatic looks with these shadows. (I'll try and do a FOTD this weekend, MAYBE I'll film something.)

What did I get? (In the same order they're pictured)
Young Punk e/s
Gilt By Association e/s
Cinderfella e/s
Bat Black cream color base
Bling Black glimmerglass l/g

My absolute fave? Bling Black! I was thinking about passing on them, but I liked this one the most. It adds a good bit of depth, but not too much to change the shade of the lipstick. I'm personally not a fan of the dazzleglasses cuz I think they're too thick, so I was glad that these were a little more lightweight and less glittery (i'm not much of a fan).

On to the swatches. The e/s are swatched with no base. Click to enlarge.


no flash


no flash


<3333 Cjjayyy!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Q&A w/ Sarah!

As you all know I had my makeup done by Sarah at MAC a few weeks ago. She has been nice enough to answer a few questions for TNB. Like I said she's a PRO, so listen up!
Disclaimer: All things mentioned in this blog are the opinions of Sarah and TheeNewBlack, NOT M.A.C. Cosmetics =D ..So with that aside, time for the Q&A!

What's the life of a professional MUA like?

It's awesome! I have always been an artist way before I even did makeup. I am fortunate enough to be able to be creative in the workplace and I get to work with people all day. That's both of my passions combined into one!

What or who has inspired you throughout your career?
I have learned the most from working with many other makeup artists over the years. Everyone has a different technique and a different style. My transitional clients are probably the most inspiring however because they tend to share the same excitement that I do. Generally they didn't have the opportunity to learn from their mothers as genetic women have. They are usually the ones that take the "craft" of makeup very seriously and they tend to practice the most after makeup lessons. On another note, On Makeup magazine is my favorite and most inspiring makeup magazine. It is manufactured by the powder group. Check it out!

What is THEE most important beauty tip that you can give to women?
THEE most important beauty tip that I can give to women is... don't be such a hard critic on yourself. This is something that I observe everyday... as women we tend to obsess about our imperfections and not on our perfections. If you don't feel good about yourself you won't feel good about the makeup no matter how amazing it is.

What is your biggest makeup pet peeve?
My biggest makeup pet peeve is denial about dirty brushes. I have had clients that have said that their foundation is breaking them out when really their brush hasn't been washed in years. Neglecting your brushes from a good bath can be damaging to the brush itself and transmits bacteria on your face. Don't do it! Many women don't realize that they can actually give themselves pink eye if their brushes aren't cleaned regularly.

What are your favorite products in you makeup kit?
My favorite products in my makeup kit are: M.A.C PRO Pale Yellow pencil, M.A.C Prep and Prime powder, and Korres face primer (it's one of the few water based primers on the market).

What products do you think should be a staple in every woman's purse?
Lip liner!!!! So many women skip out on it for all sorts of silly reasons. Some say their lips are too small, some say their lips are too big, others think it is just plain too heavy. Just do it! Lip liner will provide definition and seriously increase the wear of any lipstick.

What advice can you give to those aspiring to become MUA's themselves?
For those aspiring to be makeup artists, all I can say is dedicate yourself to your passion. Many try to take up an alternate career to "fall back on". Don't do it. You will end up spending more time on your alternate career rather than doing what you really want to do. Not all of us were meant to be doctors! Do whatever makes you the most passionate, the most fullfilled, and the most excited. If you do what you love most, you will never fail.

Hope you guys learned something new,
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

ProArtist Series: Sarah of MACpro

So Saturday I had my makeup done by my girl and fav MUA, Sarah. She's a vet at the MACpro on Union and has been working at MAC for, ever. Haha, no I think around 6 years or so if memory serves me right. She's been a great mentor and has helped me hone my skill and foster my love for makeup for the past year and a half.

Here's the look she did, we were going for something smokey/vibrant.

I don't remember what products we used, probably something to work on for the next Artist Series installment.

Some stuff I learned while sitting in her chair
: The 191 is truly the most slept on foundation brush, shimmery is not always the best way to go when using a highlighter, and the best way to apply reflects glitter is by finger.

Disclaimer: All things mentioned in this post are the opinions of Sarah and TNB, NOT M.A.C. Cosmetics. =D

Hope you liked the first installment of TNB's Pro Artist Series.
Have a great week, bitches.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Guess what came in the mail today..

I was anticipating this day since... Friday, when I ordered them. They came pretty quick, too. =) My dad kept it from me for a day though. I was almost ready to call the company and complain that it took more than 3 business days to come.. but it was here since yesterday. Thanks Dad. Anyway.. =)

If you guys are thinking about getting this set, I suggest you do. It's $69.00 for the 12 brush set.. so that's about $5.75/brush! Totally worth it. If you get the complete set with the brush roll (like the one I bought) then it's $89.00.. So it's about $6.85 per item. SO WORTH IT!

It comes with a pamphlet that explains what you can do with each brush, so if you're starting out, this would be a great set. They're very comparable to MAC brushes.. and also comes with the same # MAC names their brushes. For more details on the brush, there are a bunch of guru's on YouTube that did reviews on the brushes. TiffanyD, EnKore, RenRen are a couple people that did it.

I can't wait to use them!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bold Pink Lips

I did this post two nights ago.. sry if i look jank.. it was 2am. LOL

I just decided to play with my new lipstick and liner.

Hope you guys like!

(btw, I didn't put any foundation on.. whoops. but I did put a little tinted moisturizer in the morning before school)

Products used


Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Sand

The Body Shop Bronzer in Shade 02


Urban Decay Primer Potion

INcolor FabuLiner in 01 - Black

Mac Shroom e/s for my highlight color

Mac Technakohl in Colour Matters on the lower lash line

Mac Bitter e/s over Colour Matters

Unmarks lashes #15

CoverGirl LashBlast


Mac Girl About Town l/s

Mac Magenta lipliner

The Body Shop Lip Line Fixer

Bomb ass week of shopping!

I have to be up at 445am for work but w/e. Cjay and I had an effing AWESOME week of shopping. Refer to the last two posts as well as this one for what we got. Week started off with trying to get rid of our bags and bags of old clothes and trying to get money for them at buffalo exchange, crossroads, etc.. you know, buy/sell/trade spots.

I got some straight BRAND NEW sex heels, a BCBG envelope wallet, and two FREE rings (plus the dude still cashed me out for the clothes I turned in!)

Rings - Freenintynine!

Here's the makeup haul I got for the week. Some Christian Siriano VS Makeup (peep last post for swatches, etc..) and some pieces from the Make Up Art Cosmetics collection from MAC. I also picked up a small pink soft train case that was 40% off at VS. Ohhh and I found Mandom makeup remover at Genki!

Swatches L-R: Off the Page e/s, Push the Edge p/m, Brash and Bold p/m, Artistic License t/l, Obviously Orange t/l, Color Matters t/l, Full of Fuchsia t/l, Full Body l/s, Young Thing l/g.

Swatches T-B/L-R: Notoriety Quad (Skintone1, Rich and Earthy, Skintone2, Notoriety), Photo Realism Quad (Photo Realism, Fresh Approach, Image Maker, Grey Range).

I recommend pretty much everything I got, unless you already have dupes for any of these. Many of the products from the Make Up Art Cosmetics collection are dupeable in fact.. fortunately for me my current collection was lacking. My MUST haves.. probably the technakhols, pigments, I love the Full Body l/s for fall, and if you don't already have a nude lip gloss, I'd go with Young Thing l/g.

That's all for now bitches. I'm going back to dsw for some bad kicks. <333 jess.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Christian Siriano haul.

So I think a collection that's pretty slept on from what I've seen (or not seen) is the Christian Siriano for VS Makeup collection. I'm REALLY not a huge fan (like, at all) of Victoria Secret makeup.. it's all hella small timer and not great quality. I wouldn't have even known about this collection if I hadn't have seen it in my mom's room. I wont lie either, when I first caught sight of the gold pyramid inspired packaging I swore it must have been from Saks or Bloomingdales which are my mom's usual haunts. Anyway, on to the hizzaul.

I got all the shadows, except for the brown one, and the Kajal liner.

Swatches w/ flash: Sahara, Sandstorm, Oasis, Gilded Fierce.

I didn't swatch the liner, it's black.. swatch your own. The liner itself I thought was VERY innovative, well I'm sure Siriano didn't come up with it himself but it's not like I've seen anyone else with something similar.

LASTLY.. just wanted to put my girl Yumi on shoe game. As she knows, I JUST hopped on a boot hype and she is ALWAYS up on her boot game.. UNTIL NIZZZZOW. Peep game.


I know she's proud.

That's all for now babes, JESSSssss.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Makeup art cosmetics collection mini haul

Sorry for the lack of posts. I haven't been wearing make-up nor was I buying anything.. so I'm happy I actually have something to post. =)

Honestly.. wow. I wasn't impressed. When i looked at all the promo pics all the colors seems so promising, and of course I was excited to check out the collection. However, when I went to my local MAC store to swatch the products.. DISAPPOINTING.

All the loose shadows were chalky and hardly had any pigmentation.

I tried out the blushes.. and wow.. The Perfect Blush didn't come out on my skin, and Notable made me look ashy. I think they're more suitable for lighter tones.

The quads were more promising, but most of the colors were easily duped.. BLEH. And surprisingly, they were all sold out of the quads, but when I called my new staple artist, she kindof told me on the DL that the manager.. no call and no showed and they didn't know where the back stock was.. (uh oh!..) but she did tell me she was going to hold the 3 quads for me until tomorrow if i change my mind and want to get 'em. I'm still up in the air about them.

The only thing really worth it are the pigments and the technakohl liners. I liked the glitters, but I would never use them.. so I passed them up.

What did I get?
I got 3 technakohl liners in Colour Matters, Obviously Orange, & Full of Fuchsia. The Graphblack is just black.. and Artistic License reminded me of the Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Electric. And I got Young Thing Lipglass.

From the permanent line, I got a replacement shroom eye shadow(my fave highlight color) and I got Myth Lipstick. I wanted a nuder lip color so I can top it with more dramatic gloss to die down the color. I tried the lip erase, but it felt too dry on my lips, so i settled for a nude lipstick.. it does the job!

I did swatches for Mtyh l/s, Young Thing l/g, and shroom e/s.. but the lighting in my house is terrible.. so I only uploaded swatches for the technakohl liners.

My mini haul.

Technakohl liners

w/o flash.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Royal & Langnickel Brush Review

As you all know I got four R&L brushes from IMATS and I've had all month long to test them out. On the R&L site you can see they offer many brushes, all of which are at a reasonable price and are very good quality.

L-R Crease C430, Smudger C445, Eye Shader C410, Angle Shader C500
(All brushes are from the SILK Pro line)

The first brush is the crease brush, its almost comparable to the MAC 226 brush that just got rereleased with the Color Craft Collection. It's not as dense and a little longer than the 226, and I would also say its considerably softer as well.

The next is the smudger brush, though I think of it more as a fluffy blending brush. I LOVE THIS BRUSH. It's sooooooo soft, had I known it was so good I would of got 2! Comparable to the MAC 224, perhaps even better! Ahhh I cannot stress how good this brush is!

I also picked up their shader brush. It's a pretty decent brush, its soft and all that jazz. My only con about it is that it doesn't really give they way the MAC 239 does. It's EXTREMELY stiff. It's kind of got that concealer brush feel. Might be better for things like paint pots and other bases, and yes concealers too.

Last I got the angled shader brush. Another one thats pretty decent, but not as good as the other brushes. It's fairly soft, not as soft as the other ones. It's slightly stiff and not very fluffy either. It gets the job done though, just takes a lighter hand and some patience.

So all these brushes are very very good quality! I would def buy some of these again and I'm also looking into purchasing more brushes from Royal as well. Face brushes look pretty promising on the site. DO check it out!

Hope your weekend was awesome,

Friday, July 17, 2009

JULY FAVES! with Jess and Cj.

Cj and I are really rollin' out the posts today.

AAAAANYHOW. This stuff is the shit. That's all.


Can You C Me Eye and Face Makeup Remover
I was using Balms Away after hearing about it from Pixiwoo. It's cool but its so thick and resembles Vasaline I was over it quick. THIS STUFF HOWEVER.. its fresh, I like the idea that its filled with natural goodness, and if you put it in the fridge it feels like heaven. As for its makeup removing power, its pretty decent!

FYI, If it's liquid and goes on my face, I almost always put it in the fridge. Try it sometime!

With its first 5 ingredients listed as spring water, carrot juice, rosemary extract, algae extract, and cucumber extract its sure to give you a good dose of health karma points! YES, I would def buy again.

I was using Expresso e/s to FILL (not shape) my eyebrows. Now, both brow powders in this kit work for me. The lighter shade to fill and the darker shade to shape. Also, the highlighting shadow isn't so bad. Only CON, I prefer the Benefit Eyebright in pencil form. YES, if it's still avail in the future I would buy again.

HG LIP PRODUCT OF ALL TIMEEEE.. or just for now. As some of you may have heard, it works with your bodys chemistry to give you a custom shade that looks EFFING FAB ON YOU! It moisturizes, lasts very long, and the shade it will give will most def work on you. HELLZ YEAH I WOULD BUY THIS AGAIN! Even for the hefty $29 price tag =/

Since i've been sooo busy with school and all, this is pretty much what gets me by in the morning. Plus my tinted moisturizer and Co Bigelow chap stick. =)

1. The Body Shop Bronzing Powder shade 2. I've used this in my FOTD.. and it's pretty much my default bronzer. I love it to death. It's sheer enough to give that nice glow, but not so it looks like a fake tan. MY MUST HAVE FOR THE SUMMER, even though San Francisco doesn't have much of a summer. lol. I have no idea how much this costs anymore, I used to work at The Body Shop (hence why I have tons of make up from there), but I really feel like it's been slept on. If you're near a body shop, mosdef check out the make-up.. also the face products. I LOURVEEE THEM!

2. True Blue Cotton Lotion from Bath & Body Works. My girls can back me up on this.. when i smelled this, I knew I NEEDED this. I got it at their sale, and I THINK they've discontinued it. So if the sale is still going on, and they still have it on stock, check it out.. it was only about $5!! ahh, bargains!

3. CoverGirl LashBlast! If you've never tried it, you should. I became a fan when the 3 pack was on sale @ Costco. I got it for about $9 and some change with the coupon.. pretty damn good. I love bargains! I think this has become my holy grail mascara!


The Face Shop Product Review

Happy Friday everyone. Busy week, hence lack of posts. Sorry Jacky. I know you were waiting. HAHA. Anyway, about a month ago, me and Jess came across some face masks.. and I thought it would be a good product for a review. They're very convenient, and very affordable.

On with the review.

What is it?:
The Face Shop Serum Infused Facial Mask Sheets - I tried "fresh fruit lemon" for hydrated skin.

Where to buy?:

Participating Walgreens stores. Go to for a store locator. They're a Korean company, and I think they just started becoming main stream in the states. I had a lot of asian women come into the body shop asking for these masks, and now I get to try them out!

What The Face Shop says about this product:
- The benefits of lemons: Known for fighting fatigue as well as for their skincare benefits, vitamin-rich lemons hydrate and improve skin tone
- Made from all natural pulp for the gentle delivery of lemon extract, this refreshing juice-like mask sheet hydrates skin.

-Use 2-3 times a week for best results.
- Do not reuse mask sheets
1. Wash face and apply toner. Remove mask sheet from package and unfold.
2. Carefully it mask over face
3. Remove mask sheet after 15-20 minutes. Gently pat any remaining formula into skin.

Water, Polyglutamic Acid/Methyl Propanediol/Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Algae Extract, Bentaine, PEG-32, Glycerin, PEG/PPG-17/6, Fragrance, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Fruit Extract/Water, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract

-I like citrus smells, so right when I opened the pouch, I was in lovee!!
- For those with dry skin like mine, this does EXACTLY what it says.. it's very hydrating.
- Left my skin very soft!
- It's very easy to use, it has slits and holes, so you know where to position it onto your face
- Super convenient for travel and storage
- Inexpensive! 2 for $5

- Not available at all Walgreens
- Not able to purchase on the site
- It's really damp, even after you take it off.
- Doesn't fit my face very well, i had to keep readjusting it.
- Although they say that you have to rub the excess into your skin, i felt there was WAY too much left over, I patted my face down with a towel, then rubbed the rest onto my face.

- I'd buy this again. It's inexpensive, and they come in 6 different masks.. so you'll surely find a mask for you. It's not available everywhere, so whenever I go to walgreens, I'm going to stock up!

Click to enlarge pictures!

If you guys come across these masks, try some! =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

FOTD goodness.

I should actually be asleep right now because I have work at 6:30 tomorrow morning BUTTTT, TNB has seen no love in like a week so let's get to the post!

This first one I did earlier today.. it's a take on the MAC Senior Artist Video with Keri showcasing the Look of Mineralized. You can see it here.



Products Used:
- Fix Plus on brush
- Mineralized e/s duo in Earthly Riches
- Saddle e/s
- Dazzle Light e/s

- Korres face primer
- MSF liquid foundation in NW35
- MSF Natural in Medium Deep
- Spaced Out blush
- MSF in Cheeky Bronze

- chapstick and Utterly Frivolous l/s

Next.. I did this like last week when I got a few things off Color Craft from my local Macpro. I picked up three things: Ever Embellish l/s, Cheeky Bronze MSF, and Mineralized e/s quad in Fashion Patch.


Products Used:
- Korres face primer
- Chanel Vitalumier in Soft Honey
- MSF Natural in Medium Deep
- Beauty Powder Blush in Tippy
- MSF in Cheeky Bronze

- Painterly p/p
- Fashion Patch e/s quad
- Haux e/s
- Dazzle Light e/s

- Ever Embellish l/s

Okay that's all for now, I gotta get some sleeeeeep!
<3 jess.