Thursday, September 24, 2009

Style Black

Today, Jess & I went to MAC BURLINGAME so I can pick up some of the products from the Style Black collection. I'm excited for this collection. I will have soo much fun doing dramatic looks with these shadows. (I'll try and do a FOTD this weekend, MAYBE I'll film something.)

What did I get? (In the same order they're pictured)
Young Punk e/s
Gilt By Association e/s
Cinderfella e/s
Bat Black cream color base
Bling Black glimmerglass l/g

My absolute fave? Bling Black! I was thinking about passing on them, but I liked this one the most. It adds a good bit of depth, but not too much to change the shade of the lipstick. I'm personally not a fan of the dazzleglasses cuz I think they're too thick, so I was glad that these were a little more lightweight and less glittery (i'm not much of a fan).

On to the swatches. The e/s are swatched with no base. Click to enlarge.


no flash


no flash


<3333 Cjjayyy!

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